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Creativity, art and design have been lifelong passions for me. I enjoy creative design, layout, concept development and of course photography. I also take pleasure in drawing and creating paper art. Creative work is truly my play!

"If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play."- John Cleese



...clients have included:


  • MTV

  • Make-a-Wish Foundation 

  • Ferrari

  • Disney

  • St. Croix Men’s Fashion

  • Cresallia Jewelers 

  • SF Honda

  • East West Gallery

  • Interactive Minds

  • Bank of America 

  • Iowa Commerce Magazine 

  • Sacramento Magazine 

  • Howard Rheingold

  • Women’s Edition Magazine

  • Net-Channel

  • Electric Minds

  • Laurel Birch

  • Flax Art Stores

  • actors, models and musicians 

...and many more

while working in: Hollywood, Los Angeles, Detroit, Irvine, San Francisco, Dallas,Des Moines, Minneapolis, and anywhere the assignment is.


Marcellus Amatangelo

Laurie Renaud

My name is Marcellus and I would like to introduce myself to you and let you know of my services. My professional studio services is visual communications: illustration, photography, and design graphics-- with over 30+ year’s experience in the industry.


‘Diverse assignments keep me inspired, dedicated, and committed to the love of visual communication...’

Nicholas Xenos

Hi there! My love for photography originally sparked on my adventures in the outdoors. From the woods down the street to trekking in the backcountry. My favorite hobby has been capturing nature and wildlife in its natural state.

It is truly incredible that I have the ability of using my passion to service your photography needs! I strive to fullfill and even exceed expectations of whats is in need of display. As a client your ideas and requirements always come first!